5 Ways To Eat Healtier Options While Sticking To Your Budget And Paying Off Debt

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The food that we eat is closely tied to our financial health. This is a two-way exchange! Healthy eating can help you maintain the focus and attitude for getting out of debt quickly! In this way, our diets are effecting our finances. In the opposite direction, our finances effect the food choices that we make.

Sometimes, people who are focused on getting out of debt actually sacrifice health in order to do so. I am here to tell you that you do not have to eat poorly while you dig yourself out of debt! Here are five ways that you can choose healthy options while still sticking to your budget and getting yourself out of debt!

1. Keep It Simple

Complex recipes often call for rare ingredients. Have several staples on hand as far as spices and condiments go, but keep the rest very simple. Pure, fresh ingredients can be combined to create delicious and healthy meals without the specialty spices.

2. Create Home Cooked Meals

Sometimes I hear about people who grab lunch at gas station stops or fast-food restaurants because they feel that they can’t afford higher quality foods. Have you ever caught yourself doing this? You should know that home cooked meals are lower in sodium and sugar than most on-the-go options. You can make a simple home cooked meal for less than you can buy a burger or slice of pizza on the road.

3. Have A Food Budget

You don’t have to get yourself out from under the burden of debt all on your own. Experts in your area can help you plan and strategize. You can also check in with the providers at Nationwide Debt Direct for assistance with a debt-clearing strategy. As you work with experts, create a food budget that you can stick to every month. This gives you a strategy when you hit the grocery store.

4. Choose Healthy Vegetarian Options

You can get high quality vegetarian foods at a much lower price than you can get high quality, healthy meats. Often the grass-fed, organic, and free range meats have a high price point. Hormone-free and organic eggs or beans, however, are much more affordable. They provide just as much protein per serving, and are easy to cook.

5. Stock Up On Frozen Veggies and Grains

Frozen vegetables are great to have on hand because they last for months although they are cooked without preservatives. Add frozen spinach, peas or squash to your dishes to increase the fiber content. In addition, keep brown rice on hand for a simple meal foundation. Brown rice is high in fiber and can be paired with other simple ingredients to make a healthy and satisfying meal.

The way that we eat affects our outlook on life. As you stick to a budget and feel healthy at the same time, you’ll find that your financial health improves as well. Don’t let the burden of debt drag you into a downward spiral with your health. Use resources, like Nationwide Debt Direct, that will help you make a plan to become debt free. Eat healthy, feel energized, and stay positive!

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