Adopting a Simple Approach to Healthy Eating

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Many people have made an honest attempt to switch to an organic lifestyle, only to find it to be so incredibly difficult that they ultimately give up and revert back to their old habits. While this is a common occurrence, it certainly does not have to be that way. In fact, a recent PBS documentary demonstrated just how uncomplicated adopting a healthy diet can be, advising people to “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” The documentary does not necessarily advocate an organic lifestyle, but the simple philosophy represents the easiest transition from an undesirable diet to a healthy, organic diet.

The reason so many people give up on a wholly organic diet is because they find it so difficult to adhere to all of the complications created by the food industry. Rather than being straightforward with consumers like one stop maintenance, food manufacturers intentionally confuse consumers by using labels that seem to suggest a healthy or organic product with misleading terms like “all-natural” and “fat-free,” among countless others. These “all-natural” products are not necessarily organic, and the “fat-free” options are often loaded with unhealthy amounts of sugar, thereby frustrating well-meaning consumers.

In order to contend with these issues, consumers should adopt an approach that will leave them feeling as satisfied with their diet as the clients who leave the glowing 1 stop maintenance reviews. The first step is to focus on making food at home and to mostly avoid the restaurants and fast-food joints that are largely unconcerned with the health of their diners. Eating mostly plants does not eliminate tasty comfort foods and makes it much easier to learn the nuances of an organic diet while eating in a way that is both healthy and satisfying. 1 stop maintenance would likely point out that this is a kind of preventive maintenance, as it makes the switch to an organic lifestyle much more likely to succeed.

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