Can Waking Up Early Benefit Photographers?

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Some photographers¬†choose to shoot early in the morning, others, prefer to snap their photos in the afternoon. While others yearn to do it late at night. This is what Matthew David Parker wants to help photographers figure out. He prefers to get up early and shoot as the sun is rising, comparing to a workout session. There is evidence to support that a minute session, whether it be running, biking, lifting can elevate your heart rate. It yields greater creativity and productivity than during any other time of day. So one has to wonder, are such early morning workouts better for one’s health and benefit his or her Photography?

The esteemed photographer himself feels they are equal to a thirty minute or a sixty-minute yoga session. While many of those he works with prefer lunchtime or are late nighters. He feels those snap photos should take a thorough and critical look at themselves. This way they can augment their productive and improve their performance. As a result, photographers may certain patterns emerge allowing for such. Whether they are avid hobbyists who are simply passionate about what they do. Or professionals who have made a career out of this for many years.

Due to varied preferences such as these, The American Heart Association developed a weekly target for one’s workout and physical fitness. As opposed to daily, like a person with a lighter schedule or average work hours may be able to undergo. Those who issued this study believe the biggest factor in one’s improved health is consistency at this pattern. Not necessarily how often one works out, although an early morning workout is still preferred. Regardless of whether one is a photographer or works any other job. It is widely believed fitness sparks creativity in many industry professionals.

One example is Beat writer and novelist Jack Kerouac did a series of headstands each morning to stimulate any ideas that may come to him. And to combat health issues he may have. One odd tactic German poet Friedrich Schiller would put himself through is put rotten apples in his desk drawer to further activate and enhance his sense of smell. While the latter is not quite exercising or physical fitness, it got him out of his previous mindset and a poetic stupor. No matter what the routine is, looking or experiencing things a different way can be very helpful.

Another study conducted Frontiers in Human Neuroscience reveals that a fitness routine can help with a myriad of creative task one embarks on. Not only does it improve one’s mindset. Such can involve concepts and ideas coming together or taking different and unexpected directions. These studies reveal test subjects partaking in these activities showed significant improvements in both approaches to thinking. Another study¬†demonstrates subordinates often emulate the attitudes and body language of their leaders, even if they do not realize it. Some call it ”The Law of Mimicry”, both positive and negative traits are said to arise from this.

The esteemed Parker feels photographers should recognize the above and traits and behaviors. Feeling said leaders need to an example for his or her team to follow. And this should reference the values of the organization. Along with the mission, it sets out to accomplish in terms of both small daily tasks and its long-term objectives. He also stresses leaders can adopt daily physical fitness routines. Also encouraging their employees to do the same workouts as a way of getting them on the same page. The more physically fit one is, the better his or her mind operates.

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