Organic Products Pack More Nutritional Content

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There seems to be a growing section of the population that is actively engaged in dismissing the health benefits of organic food products. While it may be the case that non-organic foods are not terrible for you, it is an undeniable fact that organic foods are much more densely packed […]

Health and Money

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Is your health worth investing in?  I guess everyone would say yes.  Do you have to spend more money to eat healthy?  Looks that way if you have shopped lately.  Why is it that whole wheat bread id more expensive that white bread when they do less to the wheat […]

Organic State of Mind

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Are the benefits of organic foods largely in your head.  Does the body really know the difference.  If there is a difference will it do anything but cost you more?  I guess we often spend more for certain foods as they taste better of have some health benefit. The real […]

Organic Real or Fad

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Organic foods are everywhere.  They cost more but are they healthy?  Better yet are they more healthy than standard foods?  I have to question the claims that they are healthier.  If you have taken on the organic fad, are you healthier?  Do you have a better weight to muscle ratio?  […]

Don’t Panic, It’s Organic

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My children are all grown now with children of their own now.  They go shopping and must buy foods that say organic foods.  My kids say Don’t panic, Its organic when the kids start eating it like it was the last supper.  My son n law is a farmer of […]

Brussel Sprouts

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These plants are wicked cool. They look so weird! I love them! They taste like broccoli, but not the bad part of broccoli.

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