Dr. Sid Solomon Studies The Impact of Non-Organic Food on Dental Health

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dr sid solomon cavityThe food we eat can have a positive or negative impact on our health at large. Everything that has health and life to is, such as your hair, skin, eyes and even teeth will be affected by the foods you consume on a daily basis. Recently, nutritionists and dentists have come to the conclusion that the reason why we get cavities isn’t only because of genetics or eating too much sugar, but mainly due to having lack of nutrition which the dentists have called demineralization in teeth.

Dr. Sid Solomon DDS has been studying on this cause and effect for the last 5 years and has come to the conclusion that in the earlier times of America’s founding, many common folk grew their own food and the cause of cavity and tooth loss during those times was because of no dental education or dental hygiene. Today, however, fewer people are eating organic food and the cause for our modern tooth problems is around lack of natural vitamins and nutrients. In our modern world, the food is man-made rather than naturally grown and the food that is naturally grown consists of thousands of chemicals that greatly lessen┬áthe efficiency the nutrients have on our health.


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