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Health Habits Entrepreneurs Have to Make Them Successful

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Chrissy Weems
Being successful is a byproduct of dedication, resilience, knowledge, and experience. In the world of business, whose cornerstone is the saying “survival of the fittest”, one must further amplify all of those characteristics to conquer the competition. Sometimes, however, people yearn to taste the long-awaited success so much that they forget to take proper care of themselves. This can give birth to long-term issues and the so-called “burnout” effect, which is when someone loses interest and passion in their field. Luckily, there are some tips that entrepreneurs can use to stay healthy and, as proven by professionals like Chrissy Weems, they seem to work well.

Sleep is Important

Working north of 50 hours a week is not uncommon for professionals who are just starting their business or looking to expand. When someone finds themselves unable to pay employees for their overtime, they might simply resort to completing the extra duties themselves. Generally, this is not the most detrimental factor to one’s health, although it can easily become that. Any regular week has 168 hours which get broken into sleep, work, and idle time. When someone’s ambition takes over, they might compromise both sleep and idle time in order to get the necessary work time. Unfortunately, this fosters a vicious cycle since lack of sleep will dimish productivity and short tasks will start taking longer to fulfill. Thus, sleeping is just as important as any other business-related endeavor.

Moderate Dieting

Entrepreneurs generally need an energy push early in the morning and late in the afternoon. The problem, however, is the fact that typical products like energy drinks and coffee are not the healthiest choices to make. Luckily, scientific research has proven that things like dark chocolate, fish, nuts, eggs, and lots of water are mandatory to remain productive longer. Meaning, businessmen should focus on eating those foods that will aid them and try to get rid of unhealthy meals.


Eating the right food will have no effect if one spends most of their day sitting down. Physical activity is necessary as it helps circulation and speeds up the metabolism. Entrepreneurs who might be forced to spend long hours typing project briefs on a computer, per se, will be hindering their eye health, might experience back pain, and will see reduced mobility. A simple way to address these problems is to take up occasional jogging, swimming, or resistance training. In reality, doing anything that raises one’s heart rate and helps them improve their stamina will be beneficial.

Taking Time Off

Vacations were not invented to be politically correct to people. They were created because people indeed need time to get away and refuel. Even a robust device like an iPhone sometimes needs to be restarted in order to work properly. Sadly, however, entrepreneurs tend to find excuses that postpone their vacations. These include predicaments like “getting behind”, disappointing bosses or partners, or not being able to afford time off. The truth is, most of the excuses often stand as rationalizations made to justify the workaholic ways of someone. Learning to accept idle time is crucial to long-term growth.

Small Satisfactions

Life comes with countless satisfactions that range in their intensity. Someone may only relish being selected to carry out a large marketing campaign. In contrast, another person might get excited every time they find a good parking spot at a grocery store. Expectedly, the second person will be happy more often. Having high expectations is understandable, yet it creates an environment where small achievements are overlooked. To stay healthy and last long, every businessman should have minor daily goals that will give them a dose of satisfaction upon completion. These can include finishing a one-mile run, communicating with one’s family, spending an hour meditating, or anything that brings short-term pleasure.

Ultimately, everything boils down to a routine. Most people differ in their view of the world and priorities. Some individuals may value family, which is why their main goal is to be in time to pick up their child from school. Other might be laser-focused on building an empire, which is why they are the first to come to the office and the last to leave. Meaning, what works for Chrissy Weems may hinder another person’s success due to unrelatable preferences. The key is to structure a routine that will include enough rest, a fair balance between professional and social life, and enough time to achieve entrepreneurial goals. Trying to replace one category with another will only lead to diminishing returns!

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