Health Scare

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Organics have been in the news lately and it isn’t because it is healthy.  Raw products are coming out tainted with bacteria and other problems.  I say organic fooduntitled (215) images (17) is a farce and just a ploy to get us to pay more for the food.  I see it more and more in the market and it is not cheap.  The real question is it healthy?  Well I don’t know as there is no real correlation between organic food and health.  Kim Bettasso has been an organic customer since it became available and cant tell you if she is any healthier.

2 comments on “Health Scare”

  1. Nobody says:

    I have heard a lot in the news with chemicals being added into our food. we just can’t seem to trust what we eat anymore.

  2. Earlene says:

    I remember growing up, there was only one type of food and it was what we call “organic” today. Now organic is hardly heard of.

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