Investors Underground on Practical Strategies for First-Time Organic Gardeners

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food-715539_960_720It’s easy for an experienced organic gardener to forget about all of those minor issues that a first-timer is going to encounter during their first growing season using organic practices, but failing to alert a first-timer to some of the most commonly overlooked problems may end up discouraging a newcomer from continuing to use organic methods. This is why it is so important to look to a community such as Investors Underground as a model of how to best support and educate newcomers.

Even though Investors Underground is known for its ability to educate and empower members of its day trading community, the community-oriented approach can be easily applied to organic gardening as well. With an active community in place, any circumstance or issue that happens to arise can be quickly and easily addressed by another member, or a member can at the very least direct the newcomer to a resource featuring the information they are seeking. First-time organic gardeners are likely to have thoroughly researched the subject of organic gardening, but they are also less likely to be able to recognize issues in their garden and may not be able to confidently correct a problem without the support of a community already in place.

For example, many first-time organic gardeners may become frustrated by an inability to quickly respond to the fact that the organic fertilizer they have applied has drawn the attention of every pet in the household as well as every animal in the neighborhood. This is why it is so beneficial to have access to an experienced gardener who will have already put up a fence or some other barrier to keep the family dog out of their own garden and knows that citrus peels are effective in discouraging cats from leaping over the barrier to further explore the scent of an organic fertilizer.

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