Not all Slim and Sculpt Methods are Invasive

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Finding the perfect weight is honestly a challenge for everyone, but I’m sure if you’ve clicked on this article title, then you were already aware of the struggle. Although shows like My 600-lb life advocate the gastric bypass surgery, and so do many of it’s consumers, there are options to non-invasive procedures that both slim and sculpt. The truth about weight, is that most of us do not honestly need to take drastic measures. Our young 20’s bad habits have finally caught up to us, and we just need something to slim us down to a maintainable weight. Therefore, here is a list of four non-invasive beauty treatments.


Okay, so maybe those curves you’ve got are making you feel sexy, but the cellulite that comes with them is ruining your grove? In this case, you can use VelaShape to smooth out the edges, giving you that sexy “thick” look and reaching yourself towards flawless. This is definitely the way to get your vivacious curves bikini-ready. Drink plenty of water before attending your session, and you may need a couple of visits for the optimal effect.

Detox Wrapping

As the name suggests, this is a wrap that removes toxins and water weight from your body. Wherever the physician makes the wrap the tightest, is where the focus will be for removing the toxins. Of course, this treatment is not a one and done. However, if you just needed a boost of confidence before starting your gym routine, the detox wrap will give you a visual of your long term goal.


A non-invasive fat reducing procedure that takes place over a few sessions. How many sessions you needs will definitely depend on what your weight loss goal is, and you should definitely plan to take the day off. The cold techniques used to remove the fat takes about 20% fat off per visit, but may leave you feeling uncomfortable so it’s suggested you get rest and headache medicine on your plate for the remainder of the day.


Okay, maybe it’s just me and I’m strange but my profile picture, as in a picture taken from the side, has always made me photograph much heavier looking than I am. This is when I realized my jaw line is not straight, but instead diagonal so it looks as if I’ve got fat hanging from my chin, but only from the side. To fix this problem, use Kybella. Dr. Usha Rajagopal is the only reason I know of this procedure, as I’ve heard about it from a few of her clients. The procedure is about 15-20 minutes, although you need a handful of them, and after a couple of visits your jaw will look as slim as the rest of your body. This is definitely one of those procedures that does not get the amount of credit it deserves, and yet causes one of the largest differences in your look.

Of course, once the weight is gone there may be additional steps needed in order to improve our master look. The doctor mentioned before, Dr. Usha Rajagopal would be my first choice for these procedures. The most important thing to me, is her ethos. As a woman with experience in the field, she’ll know the looks I’m striving for and what sort of long term effects or maintenance will be required. If you lose weight and then decide to attack that extra skin, like so many of us hit the realization of need for, then get a consolation and start your pursuit of feeling beautiful.

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