Organic Food Better?

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This country and society changes fast first it is this diet or fad then its a different it all boils down to who can make the bee buzzesuntitled (367) untitled (366) untitled (365) the loudest. Now it is the fad people are going organic food because the busy is that is free of chemicals and cleaner and healthy but is it really organic unless you  are the one growing the food you never know what or how it was grown or fed.  The dirt that you plant in unless it has been in the family for years and year you don’t know what was dumped there. Then when you grow your own animal yes you know what was fed to this animal but do you know what the history of that animal has. So now do you really know what organic is chemicals are every where in the air and in the rain when it does rain and also in the wind so there you go organic HA HA just spend your money for organic….Dana Sibilsky likes organic food.

3 comments on “Organic Food Better?”

  1. UncleBard says:

    Absolutely it’s better! GO organic!

  2. Charles CM says:

    I honestly cannot stand the taste of organic food. It’s so raw and bland. It always seems the most nasty tasting things are the things that are the best for you. I guess that is what they call an acquired taste!

  3. Susan P Anthony says:

    This article has no proper punctuation. Plenty of run on sentences and some don’t make sense. After decoding this article, it does have some interesting points. Thank you for posting.

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