Organics = Rabbit Food

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Organic foods are for the rabbits.  All those vegetables are not healthy.  Humans need protein to survive not organicimagesW1U231Z2imagesZDBFE3KX vegies. If I had to survive on organic vegetables I would not make it a week.  I would have to sneak a hamburger for sure.  The whole organic thing is a rip off.  If it were not for modern pesticides we would all starve.  If you want to waste your money on organic food then go ahead.  Don’t expect me to follow you down that path.  I will be eating like a carnivore until I die.  We will see who lives the longest.  Dana Sibilsky is an organic nut and I don’t see her being any healthier that us smucks.  My 93 year old father in law eats anything he wants and is as healthy as can be,

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