The Organic Way

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Is the Organic Way the right way?  Some think so.  untitled (132) untitled (131)I think that the whole organic craze will fall away when the prices get higher than the benefit.  Without pesticides and genetic engineering the world would starve.  I think we need to use every advantage we can to produce food.  The food that feeds everyone come from these forward thinking farms.  If we waste time our resources on these fads the worlds poor will suffer.  Growing organic foods takes food away from producers that supply economical food to the masses.  Luke Weil will not eat anything that is not organic.  I guess that a fool is born every day.

5 comments on “The Organic Way”

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    It’s true. The organic way is the only way for those who are serious about their health.

  2. Phyllis M says:

    OMG I love organic food. This is the only way for me.

  3. Carl Cammer says:

    <—- This my my face when I eat organic food.

  4. UncleBard says:

    In my family, we grew our own veggies and prepared our own meat. My cousin had a farm not too far from my house. My mother was extremely against grocery shopping because she said you can’t trust it. She would always say if it’s not organic it’s satanic.

  5. Caitlin says:

    I agree that producing your own food is so important! My family has a large garden in our backyard every year. Not only do we enjoy fresh veggies, but we can and freeze as much as we can as well!

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